The origins of our 1905 Hauler Pant are in the late 19th century. We have recreated this fit based on an old photograph.

The picture was taken in an old brewery and showed a warehouse worker standing besides an old barrel. Workers in the 19th century had to drag and haul a lot. Therefore work wear pants had to have certain features on the fit as well as on the material. The pants had to give the opportunity for full movement and the fabric had to be hard wearing.
All these features are found in our 1905 Hauler pant. It offers a loose fit with a high rise. Therefore it does not restrain the wearer in his or her actions. Suspenders can be attached so the trousers stay in place.
For this edition we have used a very nice brown herringbone selvage denim.
The trousers are pre washed and do not shrink.

Shoplink: 1905 Hauler Pant HBT brown

Back in these days vests were worn in order to protect the work shirts from dirt and abrasion. Therefore work wear vests had a fitted outline in order not to be caught on sharp corners whilst working in warehouses or on machines.
The vest is pre washed and therfore does not shrink.

Attention! The 1905 Hauler Vest is longer in the body than our 1937 Roamer Vest. Therefore it is perfect for long and tall wearers.

Shoplink: 1905 Hauler Vest HBT brown