We have teamed up with Micha from the Store Heine Min Jung in 2020 to develop a special edition vest for him.

Micha is a big fan or vintage workwear from the early 20th century. So we came up with a classic workwear /dress vest with small collar, 4 front pockets and an additional button hole for a watch chain. As fabric we have used a traditional sturdy French workwear fabric. This we had made in Japan on vintage looms so it gets the right feel. We think the fabric came out very nice and together with the fit of the 1908 Calico Vest it makes a great appearance.

To round everything up we have used real horn buttons. Just as they would have done back in the days.

The 1908 Calico Vest French Salt´n´Pepper is strongly limited. We have made only 100 pieces just for Heine Min Jung. So we strongly recommend to give him a call and get one while they are available.

Heine min Jung
Michael Kraack
Rathausmarkt 7
24340 Eckernförde

Telefon:  01 52 / 53 12 38 64

E-Mail: heineminjung@gmail.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heineminjung/?hl=de

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heine.minjung.90