1908 Miner Set

//1908 Miner Set

The fast growing gold rush in the West of the USA has led many work wear manufacturers to specialize on the production of mining wear.

Especially vests were a widely worn item since they protected the upper body and still gave lots of room for movement. Our 1908 features typical details often found on 1900s vests like the shawl collar or the cinch back.
For our miner series we have recreated a denim which was also typical of that time: our 14oz hemp denim. The denim is 50% hemp and 50% cotton making it rich in structure and sturdy in construction.Our 1908 Miner Pant is based on s typical gold miner pant from that ear. Hence the name. Our 1908 Miner Pant has typical features that were often found on these kind of garments: doubled knees, single rear pocket, hammer loop and suspender buttons.




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