Life on deck can be rough sometimes. Therefore deck wear had to meet special needs. Over the decades certain materials and fits have evolved in the seafaring. One piece of garment that has evolved is the CPO Shirt of the U.S. Navy. The roomy construction together with two large chest pockets meet every petty officers needs on deck. Originally developed in the 1930s it is still in service today with some slight changes. Because of the heavy wool-quality, the 1943 CPO shirt is warm enough to withstand the elements even without an N-1 Deck Jacket.

For our version we have used the old pattern from 1940. Jackets.

Originally made of a heavy wool blend we also made this shirt in two selvage denim qualities and a cotton flannel.

Following styles are available:

1943 CPO Shirt black wool

1943 CPO Shirt oliv wool

1943 CPO Shirt 13oz pitch black

1943 CPO Shirt 14oz blue black

1943 CPO Shirt Nebraska grey