The 1959 Button-Down Shirt Treves green – An original piece of sportswear

Today the button down shirt is mostly used for formal or business occasions.

However, that was not its origin. Polo players in England in the late 19th century were the first to use a button down collar. They fixed the collar so it wont move while riding and hitting the ball. The first sports wear manufacturer then made the button down shirt available to the public and it slowly begann to be seen in the streets because fans saw wanted to be in the ivy league.

Especially in the 50s and 60s it started to have a strong impact since it could be well combined with a tie and used for formal occasions.

For our 1957 button-down shirt we have used a classic British fit from the 1950s. In combination with our slighty brushed 100% pure cotton flannel it can be used either for duty of leisure.

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