Out of the Blue – 1997 Blue Bird School Bus

With old cars and trucks it is just like with dogs – they find you. So it was with the School Bus by the Blue Bird Truck Company.

It just found us. For a while we had been looking for a vehicle for going to Hot Rod and Bike Shows.

However, we couldn´t find the right candidate. Then out of the blue we got the offer for the 1997 Blue Bird. So we couldn`t resist and took a look at it.

The Blue Bird was used on an U.S. Air Force Base in Germany for bringing pilots to their airplanes. So we felt it was the perfect match. Milage was low, the original Cummins diesel engine sounded just sweet and the paint was the perfect color.

HOWEVER the US Army sold it some years ago. It just has been sitting in a big warehouse and waiting for us, so it seemed. Without road registration no one was interested. The bus still has no German registration yet and that is the tricky part. It is not so easy to register a big ugly American school bus in Europe. There have to be safety checks with brakes, lights and emission tests according to European Emission Standards. Passing all those tests isn`t that simple for a big American diesel engine.

So lets keep fingers crossed we pass all the neccessary tests and inspections for getting the road registry.

Stay tuned for the next steps of getting Pike`s Blue Bird Bus on the road.