A customer of ours sent us these pics of his three 1937 Roamer Pants, and was kind enough to let us share his story:

He bought his first pair in 2010 at our retailer Crämer in Nuremberg. For one year he only took them off when he went to bed. He regrets washing them too early, because they shrank in length.

Then he bought his second pair and his first became his work pants. He enjoyed wearing them whilst working on his Hot Rod. But at this time he didn’t appreciate this first pair very much.

Later he started to reconsider. He suddenly really liked the used and washed out state of the pants. His first pair of Roamers became his first choice in pants again! As time passed, they had to be professionally sown twice and need to be sown again soon, due to the heavy usage.

Now he recently bought his third pair!

Thanks for this great story!

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