A Time Warp with Pike Brothers

//A Time Warp with Pike Brothers

At Pike Brothers company we are constantly looking for old garments. Most of the time our search leads us to remote fleamarkets all around the world or through the world wide web. But sometimes we find pieces for our archive by pure chance.

This was the case last week somewhere in Germany: We got a hint from a good friend of ours about a company that went out of business some time in the 1970s which was dealing with cloth rags since the 1880s and never got rid of all the items. So we went there and a dream came true! A time warp with a never ending sea of garments was waiting for us to dig in. And we did!

Stay tuned for the next post with our findings.









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  1. Michael Hilldingh March 30, 2015 at 5:29 pm - Reply

    Hi Folk’s
    I’m really exited to see what comes out of this. Maybe there will be lots of “new” clothes to order.
    All the best

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