The A2 was one of the last development steps in the history of US Navy deck garments and stayed in service from the early 60s to the 1980s. It became just like its predecessor the N1 an iconic piece. When looking at the A2 Deck jacket different features than the N1 for example. First of all the lining is made of a wool/polyester mix. This was made so it is lighter to wear and also faster to dry without loosing it insulation qualities. Then a thick sateen outer cloth was used to offer good wind and weather protection qualities. An additional chest pocket was added for storing the small necessities for the everyday life of a sailor. The fit stayed as a rather short and slim to gurantee free movement. Internal wind cuff stayed to keep out the wind.

All and all making it a perfect outdoor jacket not only for the life on deck.

1962 A2 Deck Jacket oliv