Last Thursday we picked up our new family member.

After months of going back and fourth about the registration, emission certificates, certificates for the German TÜV we finally held the licence plates in our hands.

The final tests were done at a workshop for American mobile homes near Frankfurt and this was were we picked it up. It was a distance of 500km back to our headquarter in Bad Feilnbach. We took off in Frankfurt the morning and our first stop was the gas station. We filled it up with almost 200 liters of diesel and hit the Autobahn.

The first 200km went by without any problems. The engine sounded sweet but very loud and the steering and handling of this monster was better than expected.

But then it happend. On a steep hill we all of a sudden lost power and the engine sounded as if it was not getting enough diesel. The motor was coughing. This went on for 15 seconds until the engine was back again with power.

Then after 2 minutes the same again. No power. Sputtering, lots of smoking through the exhaust. And then it got back again.

After we watched this a couple of times we stopped at a gas station besides the Autobahn. We crawled under the bus, examined every inch and bolt and found the reason. A return line fitting was not properly tightend and caused an air leak. So we thought. Problem solved and we went back on track. For another 150km until the same problem occured again. At a steep hill, all of a sudden no power, stuttering, smoking. Again another stop. This time we did not find anything and continued our ride.

Then, shortly before Munich the engine was having a hard time again and we looked for the nearest gas station. The fuel indicator did not work properly was the next guess. Because it was working too slowly for the distance we had already covered.

So we poured in another 100 liters of finest diesel and went back on the Autobahn. This time without any problems. After 10 hours of driving, sweating and praying that the big blue monster will not break down right on the Autobahn we finally arrived at our headquarter.

Exhausted but very happy. We will now look for the problem and see if it really was the fuel indicator and slowly start to convert the Blue Bird into our festival bus. So stay tuned for more exciting stories!

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