Sir James Motorcycles & Lifestyle based in Roermond (The Netherlands) may be a young business but is certainly a store full of surprises.

Founded in 2019 by Mike Downs, Sir James is the result of many years of passion within the motorcycling community and has been inspired by personal impressions of such things as the Isle Of Man TT, Goodwood and the Ace Cafe in London.

Mike grew up in Manchester during the 70s and was already as a youngster busy with motorcycle design and rebuilds.

From classic and vintage bikes to lifestyle related products for the gentleman or lady rider, even a functioning bar pulled out of a pub in Dortmund from the early 1950s, it’s certainly worth a visit.

“Our focus is on quality and originality, made with a purpose. When we compare vintage with modern manufacturing its easy to see the difference, everything today is based upon low weight and low cost, this is why we were pulled towards Pike Brothers, it just seemed to be right and fitted perfectly into our philosophy. The heritage can be seen and felt, made as it was originally designed to be made, perfect.

At Sir James we chose our products very carefully, everything has a history, a purpose and a story and we want know it.”

“One of our other brands at Sir James is Red Wing boots, this goes without saying. The combination of craftsmanship, style and of course quality makes for a perfect combination.”

Mike Downs

Sir James Motorcycles & Lifestyle Store

Neerstraat 66

6041-KD Roermond

The Netherlands

Tel.:            +31 6 43585000