Describing Kentaurus as just a store would not do it justice, „galery“ is probably more fitting. The owner Stefan Laskowski had been an artist for over 20 years, when in 2005 he decided to concentrate less on his artwork but pay more attention to his other passion: strange, rare and unusual garments and thus Kentaurus was born. Originally Stefan started off only selling Aero Leather Jackets and has expanded his assortment over the years, today it also includes Pike Brothers, Filson and many more. All garments at Kentaurus are of great quality and made with thorough craftsmanship, aimed to last more than one lifetime!

You can find Kentaurus at Albertusstrasse 4, 50667 Köln.

Pike-Brothers-Kentaurus-7 Pike-Brothers-Kentaurus-1 Pike-Brothers-Kentaurus-2 Pike-Brothers-Kentaurus-4 Pike-Brothers-Kentaurus-5 Pike-Brothers-Kentaurus-6 Pike-Brothers-Kentaurus-3