In May 2012 Steff Saladin, a former mechanic, turned his 25 years of affection for motorcycles, motor vehicles and aviation into a store:

T-Bird (Thunderbird) – the common name for three inseparable passions united in one shop: Authentic garments, handcrafted products and old brands.

Here you can find a relaxed atmosphere with hand-made furniture created from scratch, in which the pioneers of the genre from the 1930s to 60s are well represented through authentic clothing and accessories. Brands like Pike Brothers, Eastman Leather and Red Wing Shoes etc. have found a very fitting home here.

T-Bird is located at 16 bis rue Mayet, 75006 Paris.

Pike-Brothers-T-Bird-1 Pike-Brothers-T-Bird-2 Pike-Brothers-T-Bird-3 Pike-Brothers-T-Bird-4