“Maybe we’ll change the world some day, but let’s start with your wardrobe. We sell fashion with a conscience. Clothes and shoes that care about the environment and about the people that produce them. They look better, they feel better.”

This is the mission of our retailer Vielgut, that opened its doors in March 2012 in the center of Eindhoven, in the South of Holland. The store which was designed by the famous Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek sells jeans for men and women and things to go with them. All brands they stock have to follow at least two of these three values:  ‘Raw’, ‘Authenticity’ and ‘Care for the world’. What a great philosophy!

You can find them at Hooghuisstraat 29, 5611 GS Eindhoven, Netherlands. http://www.vielgut.nl

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