„Living space clothing“ is the idea behind our new retailer Zooloose in Switzerland: „We live in our clothes. They support our coenesthesis and strengthen our personality.“

Here you can find garments with an urban and authentic style. Natural denim labels and models of rather rough and nature-related charisma are complemented by playful and sometimes even nostalgic pieces. Environmental sustainability and fair trade are qualities they value highly.

You can find Zooloose at Theaterstrasse 10, 4051 Basel, Switzerland. http://www.zooloose.ch/ Pike-Brothers-Zooloose-1 Pike-Brothers-Zooloose-2 Pike-Brothers-Zooloose-3 Pike-Brothers-Zooloose-4 Pike-Brothers-Zooloose-5 Pike-Brothers-Zooloose-7