Get Fancy with our new 1923 Buccanoy Collars!

Our 1923 Buccanoy Shirts are a must for formal occasions. The historical example of our 1923 Buccanoy series has its origins in the 1920s. Banded collars have been used in men’s fashion since the mid 19th century.

In former times it has been a difficult to clean and starch white shirts. Therefore add-on collars have been used because it was easier to change and clean only the collar. With better washing technology, hence the invention of washing machines, banded collar shirts have been replaced.

For fall we have new colors availble. So now you can choose either a white collar for your 1923 Buccanoy Shirt or a matching one!


1923 Buccanoy Collar Iwaki grey

1923 Buccanoy Collar starched white

Matching shirts:

1923 Buccanoy Shirt Iwaki grey

1923 Buccanoy Shirt white linen ecru

1923 Buccanoy Shirt Bolinga blue