A shirt with an attached collar simply has a very different look and is such a unique item.

Our 1923 Buccanoy Shirt is a must for formal occasions. The historical example of our 1923 Buccanoy series has its origins in the 1920s. A longstanding tradition: shirts with a banded collar have been used in men’s fashion since the mid 19th century.
But why? It has always been a difficult task to clean and starch white shirts, therefore it was invented to place buttons on men’s shirts to easily add and remove collars. Banded collar shirts have been used up to the 1940s until they were replaced by fold down collar shirts.

As with the original design you can you can attach a stand up collar to our 1923 Buccanoy Shirts.

Now we have the matching collar for our 1923 Buccanoy Shirts. Buttons secure the collar to the shirt. As back then the collar is high.

1923 Buccanoy Collar starched white

The collar ist suitable for the following shirts:

1923 Buccanoy Shirt Bolinga blue

1923 Buccanoy Shirt Ipswitch ecru

1923 Buccanoy Shirt white blue linen

1923 Buccanoy Shirt Iwaki grey

1923 Buccanoy Shirt white linen ecru