Chambray – An American Icon with French Roots

//Chambray – An American Icon with French Roots

The perfect matching fabric for denim – chambrey. Both fabrics share the same basics: a colored warp and a plain white weft. But their construction is different. Denim is a twill and chambray is a plain weave.

As the legend says chambrey was firstly developed in northern France in the City of Cambrai some 300 years ago. With it rugged construction and breath-ability it was adopted for workwear in the following centuries. Especially in the late 1900s it made its way to North America where it was extensively used for work shirts in farming and mining. Even being adoped by the US military in the late 1800s and early 1900s, the US Navy introduced a complete uniform consisting of denim dungarees and a chambrey shirt as the work uniform on deck making it famous throughout the world.

Even today chambrey is a constant component of everyday workwear and casual wear.




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