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What do the years in front of the articles mean?

It is our naming system, as we always base our products on historical articles.

The lower the year, the wider the leg and the higher the waistband, as well as braces buttons and cinch back (exception: 1923 Buccanoy Pant).
The higher the year, the narrower the leg and the lower the waistband, no suspender buttons, no cinch back


Übersicht Hosen




How do I see if an item is available?

First click on the desired width in the article (trousers). Then the available length is displayed in colour (or length). There you will see a red (not available), green (available) or yellow (only a few available) colour indication. Then select the desired length and place it in the cart. If a size is not available for a top, it will not be shown. See also sizes.

Care instruction Raw Denim2021-04-23T10:34:41+02:00

Care instruction Raw Denim


What do I do if an item has a defect?

During the production of an article, we constantly carry out quality checks, during weaving, sewing and a final check of the tailored item. We work with specialised small family businesses. People work there, not robots. There is an old saying: „Where people work, there are people“. Therefore errors may occur.

If this should be the case, we apologize. Please inform us by email with corresponding photos about the defect. We will then process this complaint immediately.

Custom Duties2021-04-28T10:26:01+02:00

Who pays the customs duties (import/export/exchange)?

Generally, customs duties are always to be paid by the buyer. It makes no difference whether import or export. However, if you request an exchange from us, you have the option of returning the item to be exchanged to us free of custom charges: The consignment must be handed over with a completed customs declaration of contents (CN23) and a copy of the original invoice or a return note as proof of the returned goods status. The required customs documents must always be securely attached outside of the package in an appropriate shipping bag. If the customs-relevant documents are missing, this may result in a cost-intensive forwarding to the inland customs office, as the consignment cannot be handled under customs law within the standard process.


Do you have discounts?

Due to the value stability of our products and to protect our retailers, we do not offer discounts. Our discontinued items can be found in the Odds & Ends category.

Fabric Weight2021-04-22T16:27:17+02:00

What does the fabric weight per unit mean?

The grammage indicates the weight of a fabric per 1 square metre and is given in the unit g/m2.

Leg twist2021-05-25T13:20:00+02:00

What is a leg twist?

The leg twist often occurs with raw denims as well as very heavy and compact twill weaves. The woven fabric (e.g. twill) tends to turn in the diagonal weaving direction when washed.

This occurs sometimes more, sometimes less. It depends on the fabric weight, the tension caused by weaving and how the fabric is washed. This effect often occurs with our heavy fabrics woven in Japan and Germany. Therefore, we recommend dry cleaning. The more the pants/ items are washed in the washing machine, the more this effect occurs and the seam turns to the front.

We think, this effect belongs to vintage trousers that are authentically produced and does not represent a quality defect.



I have forgotten my login, what can I do?

If you know your username, you can request a new password with the Forgotten Password function. If you do not remember your username, please call us or send us an email.


How do I measure the items ?

We have made a video for better understanding. You can compare your measured values with our measurement chart to find out your appropriate size. The chart is displayed within the product images in our webshop.

Measurement charts2021-04-28T10:28:19+02:00

Where can I find the measurement charts for the articles?

In the webshop, you will find the measurement chart in each item as one of the last images. If you are unsure about the size, measure an item that fits you well and compare it with our size chart. See also Measure.


What is the meaning of NOS items?

Never Out Of Stock (NOS) articles are available all year and have nothing to do with seasonal articles.  These are only available in a certain period (spring/summer and autumn/winter) and are often only produced once.

Odds & Ends2021-06-09T13:35:32+02:00

What are Odds & Ends?

Odds & Ends are our discontinued articles. They can be found in the webshop within the category Odds & Ends.


How can I track my order?

If you have ordered in our webshop, you will receive an email to the email address stored in the customer data. Please also check your SPAM folder. We usually ship orders the next work day. You will then receive a tracking email from the shipping company as soon as the package is on its way.  You can track the status of the shipment with the tracking ID displayed in the email.



Payment Methods2021-04-22T16:37:22+02:00

Which payment methods are available?

We have the following payment methods available in our  webshop: PayPal, credit card and prepayment via bank transfer.

In our Pike Brothers General Store we have the following payment methods available: Cash, EC or credit card.

Pike Brothers General Store2021-04-28T10:13:48+02:00

Do you have a shop at your headquarter?

Yes, our Pike Brothers General Store at our headquarters is open Mon – Thu from 1pm to 4pm. As there may be changes in opening hours at the moment due to Corona, please just check with us in advance by email or phone. The address is: Gewerbepark-Au Ost 2, 83075 Au bei Bad Feilnbach.


What does „pre-washed“ mean?

The material is rinsed in water once and therefore does not shrink as much when you wash it.


Where are our productions?

Our items are made in Portugal and Turkey. We work together with small weaving mills around the world, mainly Turkey, Portugal, Germany and Japan. Our quality stands for sustainability. Because we believe that a durable, high-quality product is the best contribution to the environment.

Raw Denim2021-04-27T12:04:43+02:00

What is raw denim?

This is unwashed denim as it comes out of the machine. This term is also often used in connection with selvage denim.


Where can I find Pike Brothers retailers?

You can find our retailer overview here.

Return / Exchange2021-04-28T10:28:45+02:00

How do I return or exchange an item?

Simply write us an email and inform us about this return/ exchange. You will then receive a free return label from us (Germany and EU countries). Outside of Germany and the EU, you are responsible for the return shipment yourselve. If you are returning from a non-EU country, you will also be charged customs duties. We will process the return according to your wishes, whether exchange or refund.


What does „selvage“ mean?

Denims with an woven selvage edge do not fray. The edge is found on the inside of a pair of jeans and is considered a quality feature of particularly high-quality jeans. It is usually finished with a coloured thread. This selvage edge is the feature of the original shuttle looms, which weave this selvage edge as the end of the fabric at the width of approx. 90cm.



What does the size indication on the trousers (W/L) mean?

W = Waist, means waist size and is given in inches. 1 inch = 2.5 cm

L = Length, describes the inside leg length (from the crotch to the hem) and is given in inches. 1 inch = 2.5 cm


Where can I get vouchers?

Unfortunately we do not offer vouchers.


How can I wash my articles?

Generally, a washing label is available in all articles. There you will find detailed instructions on how to clean the item.

Waxing Products/ Re-waxing2021-05-05T11:06:00+02:00

Can I (re)-wax my articles myself?

Our waxed articles, such as N1 Deck Jackets or C2 Vests have 4 layers of wax. The fabrics are coated 3x on the outside and 1x on the inside. We use paraffin-based wax for this. This has a very good water-repellent characteristic and a dry feel. The wax is applied to the fabrics before they are cut for sewing to guarantee an even application of wax. Due to the strong impregnation of the material, re-waxing is not necessary. Nevertheless re-waxing is possible with commercially available products such as Sno-Seal or Otter Wax. However, the final result will always be irregular and usually patchy. Therefore, we do not recommend it.

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