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Size charts

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Where can I find the size chart? Our web store features a size chart at the bottom of each product detail page. This will help you find your perfect size. If you are not sure about your size, take a [...]

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W and L (W/L)

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What do W and L mean? W = the measurement around your waist. L = the measurement straight down the inside leg from the crotch seam to the bottom of the leg hem. All measurements are in inches, 1 inch [...]

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Article description (year)

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What do the year numbers at the beginning of the item descriptions mean? The name that we give our products always reflects a specific vintage style. The further back in time the year is, the wider the leg and the [...]

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How do I find the right size? We have put together a video showing you exactly how and where to measure yourself. When you have taken your measurements, compare them with our size chart to determine the best fit. You [...]

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