Once in a while we like to stop and introduce our great Handlers from all around and put them in the the spot light a little. This weeks‘ shop, Rocking Road, is located in Brussels, and carries a variety of items from shoes to helmets, and of course a full range of Pike Brothers garments.

`In the heart of one of the trendiest districts in Brussels, discover this new unique shop.Fly away from common style and push the door of a new universe.Rocking Road offers a mix of old school and trendy new styles, at the opposite of the wave of “ seasonal trashy fashion”, you’ll find brands and clothes aimed to last.Our main values are “ quality, uniqueness, authenticity”, the shop is inspired by the early “ Rock’N Roll” years: from denims to leathers, let the ambience transport you in the “ Summertime Blues”.The shop is for everyone and for all styles, you’ll always find the one garment, the one unique piece waiting for you.The philosophy of authentic and long lasting clothes ….‘
Another great thing about our Handlers, every once in a while there is a super event, that time allowing, should definately not be missed. So, if you are in the Brussels area on Saturday, 10.December.2011, swing by Rocking Road and check out their Christmas Party. Just to mention a few highlights: live music, rockabilly hairstylists and burlesque.
For more information about Rocking Road, you can find them on the internet at www.rocking-road.be or follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pages/Rocking-Road-authentic-clothing-/166704416712821
So make a visit to our friends at Rocking Road, check it all out and pick up a new pair of Pike Brothers Jeans while your there.