The 1952 Okinawa Boots were the U.S. Army version of boots for tropical climates. The first trials of jungle boots were started in early WW2 but did not proof well. The construction was very light with just a rubberized soles. So the U.S. military used the classic Buckle Boots that were used from 1944 onwards. These were the standard field boots with the addition of gaiters. By 1945 these buckle boots were made with canvas to make them more breathable and usable for hot environments. Although the design is of pure WW2 nature the boots were never issued in big quantities. It was only until the 1950 when a fair amount of the boots were sent to Okinawa, Japan. It was the first Special Forces outfits which tested the boots in the field. Hence the name: Okinawa Boots. When the conflict in Vietnam grew in the early 1960s the U.S. Military sent Special Forces Advisors to support local tribes and teach them in modern warfare. Therefor the Okinawa Boots can be frequently seen on pictures of the early 1960s.

Our boots are made just like the originals. From the mix of leather and canvas up to the special jungle sole. This sole was developed so mud and dirt would not stick as much on the profile and offer a good grip in every terrain.

1952 Okinawa Boots olive drab