History: Jungle Cloth has been developed in the 17th century and was used for all kinds of textiles. Due to the hard wearing characteristics it was mostly used for outerwear like coats or jackets. The US Navy started to use Jungle Cloth in the 1940s for their Deck Jackets. Not only was the fabric hard wearing but it also possesses wind and water repellent characteristics. Especially with the N1 Deck Jacket it became the most used fabric on US Navy foul weather wear. The jungle cloth in combination with the woven wool lining made the N1 Deck Jacket perfect for the harshest conditions on ship decks around the world.

We have recreated the fabric to the old specifications and we use it on the following products:

Deck Hook

Deck Zip

N1 Deck Jacket

1963 Roamer Jacket

1966 Explorer Jacket