The 1942 Hunting Pant – A classic in the area of work and outdoor wear. Read more about the story of the former work trousers…

Hunting and the life outdoors have a very long tradition in northern America. Hunting, in contrast to Europe,  was allowed to everybody and therefore people were always out in the woods looking for game. In Europe on the contrary, hunting was mostly done by the upper classes and European hunting appareal had more of a fancy touch to it.
Not so in the U.S. and Canada. Therefore North American hunting garments were affordable, strong built, comfortable to wear. Mostly hunting garments were made of duck canvas.Our 1942 Hunting Pant is a typical example instead. The trousers are made for the life outdoors and consists of duck canvas or selvage denim depending on the color you prefer.
Duck canvas and selvage denim has always been used for work- and outdoor wear due to its rugged and abrasion-proof characteristics. Our duck canvas has been made to 1940s specifications and we are very proud of the result. Although it has a rough character, it offers an outstanding comfort whilst wearing.
Our 1942 Hunting Pant offers a reguler cut together with suspender buttons and a cinch back for size adjustment. Heavy bar tacks and seams mark it as an article for daily use. The D-ring at the front is a typical feature of the 1940s. It offered the owner the ability to attach his pocket watch chain, a feature that comes in very handy even today.
Due to the popularity of the 1942 Hunting Pant fit we offer it an a variety of fabrics. Have a look at the wabash material in green, blue and brown. Additional we push the trousers in khaki canvas, faded navy and faded oliv. A unique look you´ll have with the 12oz Hickory Stripe. Our latest production is made of brown herringbone twill fabrics. Pants for every occasion!
Dont´t forget, it´s summer time and the 1942 Hunting Pant is also as a short available. Have a look to our webshop.