Our 1937 Roamer Pant comes from a time where denim was realy workwear. Read more about the story of the former work trousers…

In the time of 1920s or 1930s denim was not seen on the streets except when workers were around like in shipyards etc. But why is that? Why is denim so deeply connected with the image of the hard working man?
To answer this question we have to look at the typical work environment of the early 20th century. Normal streetwear for ordinary people was for a very long time a set of wool trousers and shirt. Simple trousers and wool shirts that were tucked into the trousers. Hard working people in shipyards, mines or the metal industry needed an extra layer of protection. Wool in general had good insulating characteristics but when it came to abrasion is was not very durable. Denim made from cotton and in a simple twill construction was very abrasion resistant and would dry faster than wool. So naturally workwear companies started to use denim and canvas as an extra layer formaking their work wear. On old advertisments one can still see that denim was meant to be worn over wool attire since trousers made of denim were mostly called „coveralls“ or „over-alls“. In order for free movement certain adjustments in the fit of denim trousers had to be made. A wide leg, a high rise and and suspender buttons for holding up the trousers were added.
All this is visible in our 1937 Roamer Pant. It needs to have a wide leg and high rise so it can be worn over a pair of wool trousers for example. To keep the up they have suspender buttons and also a cinch back. Two features that were always visible on vintage denims.