In My Tree is a new and upcoming band from Oss in the Netherlands. They are big fans of Pike Brothers and often wear our garments on stage. Of course we would like to help promote them and would like to find out what you think. You are very welcome to post your comments at the bottom.

In My Tree started out as a songwriting duo, but now they’ve grown into a well-rounded live band. In 2011, Bert-Jan Kuijpers and Paul Verschuur, two seemingly different musicians, got together to work on some songs.  With Kuijpers singing and writing lyrics and Verschuur putting it to music, a very productive collaboration was born. Going under the name of ‘In My Tree’, it didn’t take long at all for these two to put together their self-titled debut-album. The songs can be described as honest and traditional, with their roots in Country, Folk and Blues. In short … good ol’ Americana.   After releasing their album, early 2013, In My Tree formed a band to perform their songs on stage. Armed with bass player, drummer, pianist and guitarist, In My Tree is ready to go!

Here you can listen to a song of theirs: Rufus Wood recorded in W2 venue in Den Bosch-Holland

Pike-Brothers-InmyTree-5.1 Pike-Brothers-InmyTree-6 Pike-Brothers-InmyTree-4 Pike-Brothers-InmyTree-3 Pike-Brothers-InmyTree-2 Pike-Brothers-InmyTree-1