Jeans, that have been worn for several years, are like good friends to their wearer, nothing could be more comfortable. But when the jeans have been worn out to the point that they can no longer be worn, the question arrises what to do with these trusted pairs of pants. Throwing them away seems heartless, but there is a solution to this problem: Donate them to the Jeansmuseum in Zurich!

This opened its doors in 2002 after its owner Ruedi Karrer collected denim garments for 29 years. Now the museum has over 12.000 worn out denims (7.000 jeans, 5.000 jackets) from the 1950s till today on display.

The collection consists of:

  • Jeans, jackets, Shirts, etc. with extreme traces of wear from craftsmen, rockers, punks etc.
  • Jeans- and work clothes with patches, paintings, rivets, etc.
  • Raw denim, no matter how worn out
  • Everything before 1990
  • Unusual or rare brands
  • Accessories like denim caps, T-Shirts, Jeans teddy bears etc.
  • Literature, magazine articles or other information on jeans topics
  • Marketing items, jeans bags, posters, banners, Bandanas, figurines, signs etc.

Next to several new objects, extremly worn out items are portrayed for the fading in the respective denim evolution. That is why the museum encourages people to wear their favorite pieces as long as possible, and never to throw these away. They will find a safe haven and will be enjoyed by others till the end of their lifetime!

Pike Brothers is honored to be part of the collection!

You can find the Jeansmuseum Zurich at Wibichstr. 90, 8037 Zürich, Switzerland.

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