A denim store through and through! The owners of Jeanspaleis Roger and Marcel Grivec (twin brothers) have been denim afficionados for a very long time. They spent most of their childhood in the jeans store of their parents in the southern part of the Netherlands. Growing up with the ‘shrink-to-fit’ culture they’ve been true denim hunters eversince. 35 years ago Jeanspaleis opened its doors with a collection built around the best denimlabels and all time classics, whilst also offering expert denim repair and a pre-wear laundry service. Naturally Jeanspaleis is also a Pike Brothers Denim Repair Service Station. You can find Jeanspaleis at St. Pieterstraat 61, 6463 CS Kerkrade, Netherlands. www.Drytillyoudie.com pike-brothers-jeanspaleis-1 - Kopie pike-brothers-jeanspaleis-2 pike-brothers-jeanspaleis-3 pike-brothers-jeanspaleis-4 pike-brothers-jeanspaleis-5 pike-brothers-jeanspaleis-6 pike-brothers-jeanspaleis-7 pike-brothers-jeanspaleis-8 pike-brothers-jeanspaleis-9