The idea to the 1932 Engineer Pant “Kings & Queens” Edition came up last year at the legendary Linkert Attacks Motorcycle show where we met Hans.

Hans, who is the owner of Kings & Queens Store in Antwerpen and a true old school motorcycle enthusiast always wears his Pike Brothers 1932 Engineer Pant in khaki. Even on the bike.

After some beers and motorcycle tech talk he said it would be a good idea to have another color variation of his 1932 Engineer Pant. Ideally in his most favorite color army green.

So we could not resist making a special edition for Hans….

Since it is Hans`s special edition we let him say some words too:

„It was in 2018 when I visited the „Wheels and Waves Festival“ in the south of France with my trusty 1969 FL Early Shovel. Due to the very bad weather I decided to leave France and going for better sunny weather in the Spanish Pyrenees. I drove “the Blackstar” over the small mountain roads from corner to corner. I did had 6 days to ride and discover to arrive on Friday at Linkert attack, a motorcycle meeting in the middle of France. At the moment I was riding I noticed on Instagram that Fabian of Pike Brothers was on his way to Linkert attack as well on his ULA. On Friday we met and started talking about our trip, sharing every detail together with a bottle of wine and a plate of cheese. Living the good life!

In May 2019 the Kings & Queens Store exist for 10years, so we talked about a possible collaboration. Fabian asked me for my favorite Pike Brothers item and this is my 1932 Engineer Pant.

I did ride 2000km with only one pant – the 1932 Engineer Pant in sand color! Super comfortable and easy to use with my Engineer Boots. So……Let’s do that Pant in a original green army green!

One year further we’re very proud to announce that the pant is here!“

Get it here or @Kings & Queens, Antwerpen!

1932 Engineer Pant Kings & Queens Army olive