Linen is one of the oldest fibers known to man. It is made from the flax plant.

Due to its complicated process of making, linen yarns have always been considered highly valuable.

The white and pure appearance of the full fabric was liked so much by the ancient Egyptians, that they used it for mummification.

However, flax was not only used in fabrics. The use of linen reached from paper to body armor in the middle ages.

Crucial for the quality of linen fabric is the harvesting.

The best results are achieved when the full plant gets pulled and transformed into fibers.

Because of this difficult process, compared to cotton, linen was not widely used during the last century.

Linen celebrated its renaissance during the 90s of the last century mostly because of the comfort it provides during hot summer days.

Today linen is well established again in daily womens´ and mens´ wardrobes, from shirts to suits and jackets.

We think that linen is one of the most important pieces of European textile history.

A true classic. Not only by its sole appearance but also due to its soft, breathable and in general comfortable features. And this by being from natural descent and not being a modern synthetic fiber.