Lunch at Pike Brothers Headquarters

//Lunch at Pike Brothers Headquarters

Not only are we always keen on authentic garments and racing gear, but are also interested in vintage gadgets and machines. Our latest acquisition for catering the racing team in summer time is a vintage American burger fryer. It is heated with two vintage gasoline M2 burners, which heat up really fast.

After restoring the burners we gave it a try and cooked a nice lunch at our HQ, but we’ll let the pics speak for themselves… Grillen_1




Please note our mascot Gunny on the left, who thought the burgers smelled irresitable 😉







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  1. Oliver September 18, 2015 at 11:54 am - Reply

    Super Gerät. Mit so einem könnt ihr alles braten und sie sind ist ziemlich unverwüstlich. Guten Hunger weiterhin! 🙂

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