Riders watch out!

Just 10 more days until the Magic Carpet Festival finally starts. We are officially supporting this event.

The Magic Carpet Festival is an annual vintage motorcycle event held in in various locations in and around the city of Copenhagen / Denmark. There will be various events and party’s on-site, such as a “Rockers Bash” with live-bands playing finest Rock´n´Roll tunes, a drag racing championship, a dirt-track race and much more. And you should definitely make sure to check out the “Skateboard-to-Water Flyout” competition on Friday noon. Do your best trick, win a big price and get proof that you’re the best of the best on four wheels at a two wheeled event!

And now the cream of the crop: No tickets, no entrance fee, just ride your oldest bike and enjoy the events and the city of Copenhagen.

So if you are living in this area or got some spare time left, grab your bike, haul up you stuff and head to Copenhagen.  So what are you waiting for?

Stay tuned for programme updates on the official page www.magiccarpetfestival.com or on their FB-Page at https://www.facebook.com/magiccarpetfestival/events

Here are some pics of last years gathering, shot by Claus Christensen. www.clauschristensen.dk



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