Knitwear has always been used as an addition layer against the cold. It was easy to produce and offered good insulation. The U.S. Armed Forces did still used quite a lot of woolen garments in the 1940s. Beginning from the standard wool shirt and trousers as a field attire to heavy woolen linings in jackets. Knitted sweaters were worn in addition to this. Mainly two different sweater designs saw use throughout the 1940s. The Army Air Force Mechanic or V-Neck Sweater and the typical 5 Button or High Neck Sweater.

The V-Neck Sweater was initially produced for the mechanics of the Army Air Forces. But also pilots and other crew members used it because of its comfortable fit and the possibility to use the field shirt in combination with the V-Shaped collar.

In the Armed Forces and Infantry the High Neck Sweater was issued. Mostly worn in combination with the field jackets. It was so popular and the design was so versatile that it was even produced and worn until the late 1970s/early 1980s.

Our V-Neck and High Neck sweater were produced according to 1940s specifications and in the same light olive shade which was typical for that time. It is part of our “For the Service” military range of garments. We have used finest Merino Wool spun in Italy and used the same typical box fit of that era for recreating two military classics.