The Pike Ride 2016: 10 guys, 10 bikes, 4 days, 1600 kilometres. On dusty roads and bumpy streets, from our HQ in Au / Bad Feilnbach to the Wheels & Waves Festival 2016 in Biarritz. In June 2016 we were searching for true riders on extraordinary bikes, participating on this special plan.
Before the journey to Biarritz finally started, all riders were fully equipped with PIKE BROTHERS garments, in order to be best prepared for the days on the road.
It´s a long way, down to Biarritz
After a long ride through Germany and France, all Pike Riders finally reached their destination: The famous Wheels and Waves Festival in Biarritz. After experiencing blazing heat and pouring rain, riders and crew finally arrived on the campsite in Biarritz, without any severe incidents. After 1 1/2 days of rest and relaxation at the lovely French Atlantic coast, the whole crew made their way back home safely, with a bagful of funny stories, new experiences and of course some happy smiles on their faces.
We shot a short movie of our trip to give you some impressions of our roadtrip. Hope you like it! There will be a full story along with tons of pics published soon, so stay tuned for it! Oh, and by the way: If you look closely, you can see our 1966 Explorer Jacket, 1938 Low Quarters as well as our 1963 Roamer Pants and of course some other Pike Brothers Stuff.
Thanks to all Pike Riders, crew members, photographers / videographers and friends for having such a good time together.