With the upcoming Wheels and Waves Festival 2017 we take the chance again to show you what we did last summer…
Last summer we made a roadtrip to the legendary Wheels and Waves Festival in Biarritz on the most southern atlantic coast of France the Pike Ride. We wanted to road test our garments and see if they stand the hardes test and strongest wear.  1500km in four days on bad French side roads.
We gave 10 people the chance to apply and be brave enough to ride with us on vintage motorcycles. The applycations were plenty. Riders from all over Europe sent in pictures of their vintage bikes and explained why they are the perfect candidate for the Pike Ride.
We started out on the Tuesday before the festival and arrived on the Friday. Starting as a bunch of strangers we arrived as friends in Biarritz. 1500km with heavy rain, bad roads crazy repair sessions beside the roads, lack of gasoline, crazy heat, gazillion of mosquitos in the night, cold beer, crazy French truck drivesrs,  and great jokes and fun forged 10 random people solidly together.
After the ride we asked the Riders for feedback of our garments:
„The Stuff is great –  but when is the next Pike Ride?“