We´ve been at the famous Dirt-Track Racecourse in Hindenberg with our 48´ built Plymouth. Hindenberg, that means mud, dust and pre 59´built cars and bikes as far as your eyes can see. Situated in the rural area near Leipzig, Hindenberg is the place to be, if you are into the Racing Game.

Even on friday (obviously the training-day), the place was packed with people and rides of all types. On friday evening we participated in the training and on the following day in the race. It has been awesome and we had a pretty nice time. In order to giving you a little impression of all this, we composed a little video for you. The tune comes from the German band „Black Patti“. If you like what you hear, check out their website http://black-patti.de/. Alright, enough talking for today, enjoy our footage from this years event!