What is Raw Denim? Raw Denim the unwashed, untreated denim which comes out of the weaving looms. Since the beginning of denim production in the 19th century it was the only way how jeans were made and worn.

The fabric came out of the machine, was cut and sewn and then bought by the customer. It was stiff, dark blue and shrank. Washing of jeans started in the 1970 and replaced the raw denims since then.
For us raw denim is the most traditional and individual way to wear jeans. Raw denim is like a raw diamond. You wear it and it becomes your second skin. You will get the best fit and most comfort out of a pair of jeans that you wear in. Just like with good leather boots. Maybe a bit uncomfortable in the beginning
But very rewarding on the long run.
Raw denim is also the most sustainable way to wear your jeans. Since they are unwashed and unbleached a great deal of water and chlorine can be saved during production.
So it is not only the most individual way of wearing denim but also best for the environment.

Our 1947 Roamer Pant resembles a classic late 40s Denim. It has a high front and back rise as well as comfortable thighs. The tapered leg goes well with heavy boots or sneakers.
For our 21oz selvage denim edition we have used a rich Japanese made denim which will get great fadings over time.
The denim is raw/unwashed. So please check washing instructions.

1947 Roamer Pant 21oz indigo