When we chose our Pike of the Month winner January we got more, than we bargained for. Our winner Fran is part of a Custom & Hot Rod Club in Barcelona. He was kind enough to share their story with us:

This Custom & Hot Rod Club, formed 2001, was the first Car Club in Spain. After many trips to So-Cal, to learn about the American Car Club Culture, a group of friends from Barcelona, Lleida and Zaragoza decided to form ROYALS C.C. based in Barcelona.

„Before then the American car world in Spain was only for old and rich men, that weren’t interested in Custom Cars or Hot Rods“ according to Fran.

With a lot of effort and imagination cars like a 56 Chevrolet, a 53 Opel Olympia, a 59 Ford Taunus, a 56 Buick and a 34 Ford Roadster rolled through the Catalan roads.

Today the club has its garage in Canovelles, near Barcelona and consists of 5 members and their cars.

Albert – Ford 53 Convertible

Toni – Chevrolet 56, Ford A 29 coupé Hot Rod (Work in progress)

Jordi – Ford A 32 Coupé Hot Rod (Work in progress)

LLuis – Ford Shoebox 51

Fran – Ford Shoebox 49, Ford 32 Pick up Hot Rod

Pike-Brothers-Royals-2 Pike-Brothers-Royals-3 Pike-Brothers-Royals-4 Pike-Brothers-Royals-5