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The Rust`n`Dust Jalopy 2017

By | September 26th, 2017|From the Journal|

The first Rust`n`Dust took place 9 years ago, on the vintage dirt track in Teterow. The historic dirt track was first established 1929 for motorcycles and since 2010 it is also used for hot rods. […]

A – Bombers – Old Style Weekend 2017

By | August 31st, 2017|From the Journal|

A-Bombers Meeting – A True Old Style Weekend Nick and Jack, the founders of A-Bombers, were friends and had a strong passion for the post WW2 Style of American Motorcycles and cars. […]

1948 Plymouth Coupé – For Hardest Test and Strongest Wear!

By | July 20th, 2017|From the Journal|

Our 1948 Plymouth Coupe was restored in 2013 as a traditional dirt track racer. […]

MoonEyes Japan

By | January 13th, 2014|From the Journal|

Here are some impressions of the 22nd annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show from December [...]

Getting ready for the racing season

By | June 25th, 2013|From the Journal|

Jan Leichsenring was so kind to send us a few pictures of our teamrider Atze's [...]

Pike Brothers visits NHRA Museum

By | February 26th, 2013|From the Journal|

When we were at the Inspiration trade show in L.A. in February we could not [...]

Royals Car Club Barcelona

By | February 4th, 2013|From the Journal|

When we chose our Pike of the Month winner January we got more, than we [...]