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Chino Trousers an everyday classic with military roots

Von |2021-10-06T08:29:27+02:00Oktober 6th, 2021|From the Journal|

Chinos have been used since the mid 19th century. The British military started to dye their white summer uniforms with coffee and curry in their Indian colonies. This was done for better camouflaging purpose. A [...]

The history of the USAAF C2-vests and sweaters

Von |2018-03-19T20:02:35+01:00März 2nd, 2016|From the Journal|

Higher, further – and warmer The end of World War 1 heralded a new era of military aviation. New technologies, aircraft range and reliability had devoloped significantly throughout the past years. But whatever the performance of an airplane, it seldom [...]

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