As Pike Brothers is deeply routed in the Hot Rod and vintage motorcycle scene, we are always interested in teams that stand out. Team Edelweiss from Germany is one of them:

The team consists of three guys: Oliver, Andreas and his son Lienard – all with last name Weiss (Oliver and Andreas are not related, this seems to be fate).

The first driver is Oliver, a trained master mechanic, who aquired his racing experience through working as a mechanic in 24-hour-races for Opel (Vauxhall). He drives the „Captain“, a ’39 Oldsmobile Business Coupè, for team Edelweiss on the dirttracks of the scene. The car got its name „Captain“ as it played a background role in „Captain America“.




The second driver is Andreas, who is also a mechanic, but is also characterized by his 40 years of motorcycle riding and technological experience. He is in charge of driving in the 1/8 mile races with the „Captain“ and a ’58  Harley-Davidson FL Shovelhead.




The last driver is Lienard, the apprentice of the group. He is learning about all the technical „stuff“ from the masters. He drives in the acceleration races and will be taking part in a dirttrack race this season with his ’52 Maico.

Pike-Brothers-Lienard Pike-Brothers-Motorrad


Since 2007 all three of them have been entering Race 61 in Finowfurt with their own vehicle – until 2012 this was the only race they had been participating in.

Last year the „Captain“ joined the team, then it was decided to take part in all pre ’61 races. Oliver drove the „Captain“ in the Dust Bowl Challenge (1st place in the show race), Race 61, Rust’n’Dust (1st place in the car class), Headbanging and the Hindenberg race. In the last race there was an accident caused by a driving mistake and the „Captain“ was damaged, but the team has been very busy last winter and are just in time to participate in the season opening of Schenkenhorst.


Pike Brothers wishes them a great racing season!

Fotos by Darian Weiss