No other piece of uniform has influenced modern day fashion as the OG-107 Shirt.

Developed by the U.S. Army in the 1950s as a new field and working uniform it replaced the bulkier and not so versatile HBT uniform of WW2. Due to the Vietnam conflict it became the face of military power in the 1960s and when the anti war movement started a symbol of the protesters.  Famous people like John Lennon wore it and made it a fashion statement during that era. From there on it became a fixed part in casual fashion and everyday culture. But not only the symbolic era made the shirt popular. The rugged and cool look in combination with its versatile construction made it a perfect classic. Even today with a history 70 years the shirt is as contemporary as ever.

1962 OG-107 Shirt olive

1962 OG-107 Shirt navy

1962 OG-107 Shirt brown