Since we get so many requests and ideas from you guys, for new Pike products, we`d like to introduce our traditionally wish list for next year. 

Write down the items you`d like us to make in 2019 and we`ll sure try to realize them.

Looking forwards to your suggestions!

We have made the following items due to your inputs:

  • last but not least: We made our popular 1937 and 1958 Roamer Pant in a premium 20oz Japanese Selvage Denim. Therefor we teamed up with the Japanese Denim Mill Kurabo and have a nice and rich in structure selvage denim in the heavy weight segment.

Thanks a lot for your feedback! For 2019 we want your thoughts and ideas again! Take your chance and let us know, which garments you would like to see in the Pike Brothers collection next year!

All you need to do is write your wish in the comments at the bottom of this page or on our Facebook-Page. And maybe with a bit of luck, your wish will come true!

Merry X-MAS and thanks a lot for your great support!