We have been on the hunt for an electric stencil machine for a while, which we finally found in Nebraska! Since these machines are extremly rare, especially in a good usable condition, we were very lucky to have aquired such a great specimen from 1955!

These machines were used for all kinds of office and workshop labeling from the 1910s – 1970s. It was a vintage version of a label printer – so to speak.

We will be using it for making nice embossed accessories such as key chains and dog tags – be patient, we will be offering personalized tags for purchase in our webshop soon. So for now enjoy the pics of when we received the machine.

Pike-Brothers-Graphotype-1 Pike-Brothers-Graphytype-2 Pike-Brothers-Graphytype-3 Pike-Brothers-Graphytype-4 Pike-Brothers-Graphytype-5 Pike-Brothers-Graphytype-6 Pike-Brothers-Graphytype-8 Pike-Brothers-Graphytype-7