We often get asked how to correctly apply the added U.S.N. stencil to our N1 Deck Jackets – so we have put together an easy to follow step by step guide:

For the stenciling you will require:

  • broad masking tape
  • the U.S.N. stencil template (sold with the jacket)
  • a small roller or sponge
  • ink (we would recommend acrylic ink, but you can use other ink)
  • some sheets of paper or cardboard

1. Remove the stencil template from the booklet that is attached to the jacket

2. Position the template in your favored spot, make sure it is aligned properly and use a broad tape to fixate it (broad, to avoid stains at the edges when you apply the ink)

3. When happy with the position take a small roller or sponge and a tray with ink. Evenly cover the roller or sponge with ink, roll it on a piece of paper or cardboard before using it on the jacket in order to remove any excess ink (otherwise you might get blotches). When the ink level is just right stencil in the template of your jacket. Make sure you apply the ink evenly. Attention: If it the first time you are stenciling with ink, we would recommend practicing on an old piece of cloth beforehand, because once you have applied the ink, there is no going back!

4. Once happy with the result, you just need to remove the template and let the ink dry for about 10 minutes – and you’re done!