Andreas from Austria, a fellow collector and friend of ours, has sent us this very nice V-Mail envelope for our little museum. For those of you who are unfimiliar with V-Mail, here is a short explanation:

During WW2 the V-Mail or Airgraph-System was an air mail service of the allied forces. The huge mass of letters soldiers were sending, became a challenge for the air mail service, therefore the V-Mail system was invented.

Here special envelopes were issued to the soldiers, on which they could write letters to their loved ones. The letters were photographed on microfilm which was shipped to the USA, then developed and finally delivered to the addressee.

We are very proud to own such a nice original example!

Pike-Brothers-VMail-1 Pike-Brothers-VMail-2 Pike-Brothers-VMail-8 Pike-Brothers-VMail-3 Pike-Brothers-VMail-4 Pike-Brothers-VMail-6 Pike-Brothers-VMail-7