Vintage oddity: 1920s Stencil Machine

//Vintage oddity: 1920s Stencil Machine

This American industrial Ideal Stencil Machine (1 inch) is one of our favorite finds, as it has an exceptionally appealing design. We use it regularly to create templates for our stencils.

See it in action at one of our shows!

Pike-Brothers-Stencil-Machin Pike-Brothers-Stencil-Mach-6 Pike-Brothers-Stencil-Mach-5 Pike-Brothers-Stencil-Mach-4 Pike-Brothers-Stencil-Mach-2 Pike-Brothers-Stencil-Mach-3 Pike-Brothers-Stencil-Mach-7 Pike-Brothers-Stencil-Mach-9 Pike-Brothers-Stencil-Mach-8

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