Hats, Boots & Bourbon was started by former bartender Erik who put his two passions together, bars and fashion. It resulted in a small rustique Boutique/Bar that has been described as  “A gentlemens paradise”. 

After working in restaurants and bars for more than 10 years with an idea in the back of his head for a combination of a store and a bar, Erik felt that it was time to do something with the idea and put it in to real life.

The idea behind the concept is to calm things down a bit and remove the stress that so many , especially men feel conected to shopping. 

“In here you can get a drink or a coffee in the bar then browse around the shelfes and hangers. Try on a hat between the sips of your smooth Bourbon or ice cold beer. We don´t want people to feel pressured when their in the store, just stop by for a drink, and if something cathes your eye, try it on or ask us about the product and when it´s time to upgrade your warderobe you know where to go”

The Bar also makes it a much more inviting and relaxed atmosphere to step in to as a customer and you get your time to try on your favourites 2-3 times to really get the right feeling.

Inspired by the 1930´s and various old school gangstermovies Erik wanted to create a ruff, rugged but yet warm and cozy atmosphere with brick walls, wood floor, chesterfield sofas and vintage interior. In the back of the store you´ll find the bar that focuses on Bourbon and Bourbon based cocktails, but also serve beer, wine, soft drinks and coffee.

The store is located on the vibrant, trendy and still a bit edgy street Istedgade in Copenhagen.

“I was looking for a sort of Brooklyn vibe, and this is the closest we get in Scandinavia”

In the store you´ll find a wide selection of hats, caps and sixpences, coats, jackets, vests, bags, scarfs, gloves and the list goes on. The brands and products are handpicked to offer our customers a selection that you won´t find  in all the big stores. Mainly focusing on Scandinavian, American and British brands and off course Pike Brothers.


Hats, Boots & Bourbon also host special evenings and events such as Bourbon tastings, DJ´s ,Live music and pop up bars and guest bartenders.

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