Welcome to Motorious Copenhagen. A classic Men’s Store in the Meatpacking District of Copenhagen close to food, bars and a ton of free parkingspots.

Motorious was established in 2011 out of a common interest for vintage motorcycles and all kinds of vintage – whether it’s Japanese, English, Russian, German, Italian or American.

To quote the guys from MOTORIOUS, „The shop is an adventurous pile of stuff, from vintage motorcycle parts, obscure accessories and the junk you didn’t know you needed.“ They also stock a very fine selection of hand picked clothing brands, regular workwear and riding wear, which will last for many miles on the open road.

They created a unique motorcycle festival in Copenhagen called “Magic Carpet Festival”, which is a yearly event drawing thousands of riders together in and around the streets of Copenhagen.

Magic Carpet is focusing on Vintage Motorcycles. It’s put on by Motorious along with local garages, social clubs, bars and music venues.

Motorious are always looking for a good bargain, so if you’re sitting on your great grandfathers stash of old motorcycle parts from the good old days, then let them know, so they can find a new owner for it. They’re also interested in other vintage stuff like leather riding gear, store signs, pins, emblems, rare magazines etc – whatever’s out there. Also, if you’re looking for something specific, let them know, and they might be able to source it for you. Just send them a mail at info@motorious.dk

Kasper & J.O.
Motorious I/S

Opening hours
Monday to Friday: 12:00-18:00
Saturday: 11:00-15:00
Sundays and Bank holidays: Usually closed, but sometimes open….

+45 25121095