Our good friend Matthias, we call him „Latzhosenmatze“, sent us his 1935 Mechanic Bib a few days ago and told us of his experience on an old map (which you can see in the pictures). He has been wearing his bib for 3 years straight and did not hesitate to abuse them.

We think they are absolutly fantastic and are a true museum piece. We’re going to frame them and display the „artwork“ on the wall of the office.

well-worn-pike-brothers-1935-mechanic-bib-6 well-worn-pike-brothers-1935-mechanic-bib-5 well-worn-pike-brothers-1935-mechanic-bib-4 well-worn-pike-brothers-1935-mechanic-bib-3 well-worn-pike-brothers-1935-mechanic-bib-2